Get money from your Android phone. We pay for every minute of that time when you do nothing
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Only Android smartphone owners can participate in project
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We have the largest payments, because CashMagnet unites all the best reward programs in one place.
You do not need to perform tasks, watch ads or play games. Earnings will come in an absolutely autonomous and passive mode.
Prepare to earn several times more! Only 2 months of working with CashMagnet - and you can buy another phone, that works for you around the clock. That is how thousands of our satisfied users do it.
Earn now by simply running the app!
It's absolutely safe, we guarantee that your data and personal settings will not be used in any way.

Earn money using your phone for doing nothing. Absolutely passive income.

What is CashMagnet?
It is Android app that will allow you to earn extra income while you are not using the phone.
Is it free to use?
CashMagnet is completely free to use, and always will be.
Which operating system is supported?
For now, CashMagnet is only available for Android phones with 4.2 version and later.
Are there any additional requirements for the phone?
Minimum requirement for CashMagnet to run smoothly is to have Android 4.4.4 and higher. We also recommend to have at least 1 Gb of RAM memory and 8 GB of storge.
How does the accumulation of points happen?
Accumulation of points takes place every 5 minutes, the longer your program will work on your phone, the more money you will receive.
Do I need to connect the phone to the Internet?
Yes, the program will consume a certain amount of traffic, so the desired condition is an active wi-fi connection.
How can I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points at any time for PayPal cash, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Steam Gift Cards or replenish a mobile phone account by going to the Rewards page.
What is the minimum payment?
Payment goes from 1 USD.
How long does it take to earn points?
Most users can easily earn enough points to redeem for two days, but it depends on how much time your CashMagnet will work.
What are the points and how much are they worth?
Points are the virtual currency used on CashMagnet. 10 Point is worth $ 0.01, so $ 1 is worth 1000 Points.
How long does it take to get my reward?
Your payment will be sent within 1 month after you have requested it. If you have not received your payment after 1 month, please let us know so that we can look into it as soon as possible.
How are rewards delivered to me?
Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Xbox will be delivered to your account email address. PayPal payments will be sent according to set in My Account > Settings.
Where can I see the status of my rewards?
You can see the status of your rewards by going to My Account> Payments. Payments can either be Pending, Canceled or Paid. Have not received your reward, even though it shows as paid on our site? Please let us know as soon as possible.
How do referral bonuses work?
There is a two-level referral system in our project. You receive 5% of the earnings for the person you invited and 5% of the earnings for the person whom your referral invited.
Delay with getting the payment
We do indeed experiencing some delay with payments, around 1-2 weeks at the moment... due to sponsors paying us slightly later than expected... Please accept our sincere apologies for that. We have an operational time gap as we get money from sponsors around 1 - 1, 5 month after, and with the growing army of users who might request pay - outs 1 - 2 weeks after working with the app, that results in later payouts.We try our best to close this gap ASAP. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
What your application is doing ? How can I earn free money?
CashMagnet is Android app that allows to earn extra income while you are not using your phone. The program works only while you are not using your phone – as the app is browsing sites and installs games. We pledge to install only trusted games(apps) and visit only safe sites.The only purpose of the app is to view advertising, click on banners, install games and watch advertising.By doing so we earn money from sponsors, that we share with our users. To start earning you will need to launch the application and press Start Earning button.If you need to use your phone, you can stop the program and use it again when the phone is not needed. Ideally, single users can use the app during the night when they sleep.Accumulation of points takes place every 5 minutes, the longer program works on your phone, the more money you will receive.
I signed up and logged in. What am I supposed to do now to earn?
Now all you will need to do is to press Start button to start earning points. You can install games, that will extend the time that the app can run in passive mode. There are instructions in the app to follow, perhaps they are not very clear – we will try improving this point. Right after installing CashMagnet just press Start and the app will run in passive mode for 6 hours.Then it will stop until you install games, with each install extending the time you can run the app.By installing 6 - 7 games you can run the app for 24 hours. We are planning to introduce a new feature in new releases when gams installations will be done automatically, without need for any actions from the user.We expect to introduce this feature around mid - summer 2018.
Is it normal to sometimes earn 0.0 points or is this error ?
If sometimes then this is possible, but it would be helpful to know how often this happens. Couple of times a day, or several times an hour… and please also send us your account email so that we could check for the problems.
How much I can earn?
Well, it actually depends on many things, namely from what country you are from, what version of Android you use, how many games you installed, how long runs CashMagnet on your phone, whether you phone is rooted or not. So, there is no universal answer. Our best performing users earn around $15 a month, but this is only possible if you meet all factors mentioned above. At the moment the maximum one can earn per phone is 500 points – this is in case the user has the phone running the app 24 / 7, the user is from the top country(USA, Canada, UK, etc) and has the rooted phone. 500 points is $0, 5 making it $15 a month.We strive to bring more advertisers to allow us to raise this limit. Starting from the Level 3 user can install games by himself, and from Level 6 this will be happening in automatic mode. For each game installed the user gets extra 100 points, you can install as many games as you want (even 5 a day, that will make extra 500 points). All this means that the higher level you reached the more bonus points you can get.
I leveled up twice from level 1 to level 2 and in both cases I got sent back to level 1.Is this normal ?
To reach second level one has to install at least three games. If one of the games is uninstalled then you are sent back to level 1. Even if you are on the Level 6 but have less than 3 games installed on your phone you will be rolled back to Level 1. To get your level back just install games so that you have at least three of them on your phone.
How many phones I can run ?
You can have as many phones on your account as you would like, but the limit at the moment is 4 phones running simultaneously per IP address and no more than 4 unique devices per day. For example, if you have 2 Wi-FI spots with different IPs then you can have 8 phones running at the same time… and so on. We have plans to remove the limit for rooted devices, but this involves a serious programming and technical solutions that will take some time to implement.This won’t happen earlier than Aug - Sep if all goes smooth. Until then we have to keep the current limit of 4 phones per IP address and no more than 4 unique devices a day. You can use the same login information on all your phones.Just make sure you only have a maximum of 4 phones per IP address.
How to remove/delete the device from my account?
You can remove the device from your account through the website in easy 3 step procedure: 1. Go to CM website, 2. Login to your personal cabinet, 3. Choose statistics section and remove the device from there Also, bear in mind, that you can remove the same device from any account only once. Also, there is another limit of removing only 1 device from account within 24 hours. The limit is only to prevent any kind of machinations. If for some reason you need to remove the device for a second time just write to support and we’ll do it manually.
I am trying to login but receive an error saying that my devices is linked to someone’s else email?
If, for some reason you don’t recognize the email that is linked to your device then this is a very rare case when you have a phone with identical IMEI, serial number and MAC address as another user of the app. This happens extremely rare with limited models of phones (and more often with tablets) whose manufacturers used the same data for all the phones of the same series.., We can’t really do anything about that, as the only way we can distinguish devices is through IMEI, serial number and MAC address of the device. IF these are identical, there is nothing we can do.
One of my rooted phones says that it has no work to do and to contact you.
Most likely you don’t have Chrome browser and no Google Play. If you do have them then it seems that there is some problem with them. Please send us your email account for us to check it in more detail.
Is it necessary to have a root phone?
It is better to have rooted phone only because this allows us to automate some actions without the need for the user to do extra work (like manually install games, make clicks, etc). You can have non-rooted phone, though this will earn you slightly less points. Other than that, there is no limitations on non-rooted phones.
How long I can use the app during the day? How long is the cooldown for Passive Timer?
How long you can use the app during the day depends on several factors including what country you are from, how many games you installed… for example, if you are from USA and have games installed then the total time the app can work is 24 hours. Cool down period is 6 - 8 hours(but this varies from user to user), then you can log -in back and start earning points again.Right after installing CashMagnet just press Start and the app will run in passive mode for 6 hours.Then it will stop until you install games, with each install extending the time you can run the app.By installing 5 - 6 games you can run the app for 24 hours. We are planning to introduce a new feature in new releases when gams installations will be done automatically, without need for any actions from the user.We expect to introduce this feature around mid - summer 2018.
How I can close the account?
We have not introduced this feature yet. If you no longer wish to use the app, just forget about it. If you plan to have several other accounts but have worries to be banned for having multiple accounts, then be aware that we have no banning policy for this. You can have as many accounts as you would like.
I am experiencing problems logging-in and signing-up. Says "signup error!Server unavailable.Please try again later."
This is a problem with the server, that is down for some reason. Most likely we would be aware of the problem and will fix it shortly, so just be patient
When will cash magnet support iOS devices?
Not in the near future. Android version is rather fresh and it will take time to release the stable version. As soon as this is done we will look into making iOS version. But the priority at the moment is Android.
What does it mean when it says: ‘Can't redeem - try again.. ‘ there are too many bonus points in this account? How can I decrease those bonus points? I have deleted some apps but the requested points to withdraw money kept increasing
We have a system that tries to keep the balance of bonuses received for game installations and for viewing the sites. In your case you have more bonus points than the points received for viewing ads. That's why the more games you install now the more viewing points you need in order to redeem. In your case it is recommended switch your device to view the sites and raise the number of points received for this activity to match the bonus points. As soon as you have got enough points obtained in running the app in passive mode you will be able to redeem all the points on your account balance.
I am trying to use CashMagnet but it keeps saying "All apps are finished" and there is a notification "You have no task to work"
It looks like that you use not the mobile device but a tablet, which is at the moment not supported by our app.
If I reinstall CashMagnet will I lose my points on that phone as I need the points to get to the next level?
Everything earned is linked to the hardware it is earned on, you can freely reinstall without risk of losing progression. You can however lose your level on a device by going to the site > statistics > Delete Device
I started to get much less points than before
Low rewards are basically due to your country (where your IP comes from) having less rewards from advertisers than from USA, Canada, etc. The higher points that you were getting before were combined with bonus points, now the statistics calculates standard and bonus points separately. For example, if before you were getting 230 points that was including 200 points for install and 30 points for working in passive mode. Generally, nothing changed, it is just bonus and standard points are reflected now separately in your history.
How do I use someone’s referral code. Where do I put it in?
After the registration there would be a separate field in the app where you can enter the referral code. You can also enter it at the profile tab at the very bottom under the filed 'Input referrer'
How can I see who my referrals are?
There is no such info available to users, they can only see how much they get from their referrals, not who they are
I am trying to reach Level 3 but always fail.
Please check the videos here on how to reach Level 3.
What is needed to pass to Level 4?
You will need to install 5 apps, that will appear when the offer to install them will become acive. This offer is called 'watch and install'. The user will have to view the ads, then click and proceed to Google Play and then install the app.
Can I use emulators to earn points with Cash Magnet?
The use of emulators is not allowed and we can easily detect if you use them. All points accumulated through emulators will be cancelled and all your devices might be blocked altogether. Even though emulator instance might have its own IMEI, android ID, IP address and looks like a real android device it is easily detectable and our sponsors would be unhappy to pay for ads viewed by bots rather than by genuine physical devices. To avoid being penalized we have to stick to strict ‘no emulators’ policy.
Potential compatibility problems of rooted phones with other apps
When CashMagnet runs no other application cannot use root. If you press Stop button to stop CashMagnet running the root will become available to all other applications. If CashMagnet stops running incorrectly for some reason it might be the case that root won’t be available to other applications. To resolve this run CashMagnet again, then press Start button and after that Stop button. This should make the root available again. CashMagnet works correctly with Kingoroot and SuperSU root apps, the work with other apps is not tested and not guaranteed.
When I start the program it stock on 24% but if I remove root it works, pls help I want to use this app on rooted phone.
It seems you have a conflict of the programs. Most likely you rooted your phone using some specialized software. When CM starts it hides root from all the programs, including the one that you use to have root rights. As the result it causes conflict of programs, resulting in the problem that you experience. Just use the phone without root rights. CashMagnet works correctly with Kingoroot and SuperSU root apps, the work with other apps is not tested and not guaranteed.
I saw that usage of VPN is allowed. My question is that which would be the benefits and the drawbacks of using it? Would I earn less?
It is allowed though not really encouraged. The points are rewarded with 0.5 coefficient for VPNs. – so, you would be getting less than using residential Internet connection.
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Only Android smartphone owners can participate in project